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yo gurl are you a firework
because you’re really fucking loud and annoying

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who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got 643 photos of your husband saved to your computer

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the point of pouring a shit ton of ice water over yourself is because when one suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) one of the affects the disease has is a numbness throughout the body, as well as struggling to breathe, and both these are meant to temporarily happen when doused in freezing water. It’s to raise awareness of what ALS feels like and encourage donations towards research and cures.

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so not only does scarlett johansson support israel, but she also supports woody allen and called dylan farrow “irresponsible” for coming forward with her story of her molestation.

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whenever somebody says like “so what did you do today?” just look off into the distance and say “the right thing”

Then stare right into their eyes and say, “I hope”

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